How far would you go to save someone?

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A deadly ambush leaves two Soldiers in terrorist hands, and their only chance at rescue is the connection between the military intelligence officer Eric Ritter and the Al Qaeda mastermind behind the attack.

To find the lost Soldiers, Ritter must ally with the Caliban Program, a covert arm of the CIA that gives him remit to use any means necessary in his search; means forbidden by his oaths as an officer.

Surrounded by hostile Iraqis and hounded by the terrorist leader that wants him dead, Ritter maneuvers between the shadow world of the Caliban Program and his cover as another Soldier in the War on Terror.

Ritter must decide if he’ll embrace the dark path before him and betray all that he stands for, or risk leaving two men behind.

Written in the brutally honest voice of an Iraq War veteran; Fox's experiences bring an edge of pathos and undeniable authenticity to the book.

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