The Socotra Incident

The Socotra Incident
Series: Eric Ritter Spy Thrillers, Book 3

When Somali pirates hijack a fishing boat smuggling a nuclear warhead, a frantic race for the weapon ignites. Al Qaeda wants the bomb to strike a devastating blow against the West. The North Koreans want the weapon back before their role in nuclear terrorism is laid out on the world stage. The CIA wants their operative Eric Ritter to seize the bomb intact for later use...and Ritter doesn't know why.

As the trail runs cold, the CIA thrust the inexperienced and naive Natalie Davis intho the spy game. A Russian arms dealer holds the key to finsing the nuke, and Davis must find it before it slips into terrorist hands.

The Socotra Incident is a globe-hopping military thriller full of tension, betrayal, and espionage.

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